The Wellcare concept

Believing in the philosophy of "warmth from heart" and basing on the motivation to bring "care around you," this year being Wellcare’s 20th anniversary, we rebranded the company’s image to solidify the vision of "creating unbounded true-happiness energy by offering comfort and warmth."


The Wellcare concept: Wellcare's brand identity design concept is originated from the unbounded true happiness energy, which comes to us as natural as breathing air. With “W” as the start and with the concept of it being touched by a gentle breeze, it symbolizes the growth nurtured by the eternal cycle of love and being loved.


The green and blue gradient coloring in Wellcare, represents the intricate balance in nature. With color of sprouting green to be its core theme, it affirms Wellcare’s ideology of co-existing with Mother Nature in harmony.

By using simple lines and subtle colors, Wellcare’s brand identity artfully outlines the spirit of caring and the energy of happiness.