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Sleep Climate

Our sleep is highly regulated by various climates such as the ambiance, temperature, and bed climate. The optimal bed climate satisfies our senses to trigger our inner perception which helps our bodies to relax and increase our sense of comfort for an enhanced and quality sleep experience.

Bed climate
affects sleep quality
The climate in our sleeping environment is composed by many elements such as temperature, humidity, lighting, colors, noises, and the bedding material, etc.  When we sense these elements, they affect us physiologically and mentally, and further influence our sleeping quality.
Bedtime rituals
help to relax and
be ready for sleep
By developing certain bedtime rituals, it is easier to relax and fall asleep. Taking a warm shower and stretching are some of the ways, as well as warming your feet, taking deep breaths slowly, and even making your bed can help!
Engaging our senses fully
Our senses significantly mold our interactions with the environment and affects sleep. If you're consistently drawn to caress the blanket, it signifies an inner desire.
Building your bedtime
routine in 21 days
Develop a calming bedtime routine to relax your mind and body before sleeping. In 21 days, you'll notice a positive difference in your overall well-being.
Key features for
BBC Design
heating products
People have understood the importance of comfort elements.  However, BBC Design heating products have raised the standard up a level that besides taking breathability into consideration, also specifically honed in on temperature and humidity. Combining with comfort elements such as pillows, sheets, or the mattress and developing the sleep system including bedtime routines, it forms the best bed climate which improves sleep quality.
for restful sleep
Originated from the core concept of 4D DWF technology, BREATH, WARMTH, and NATURE, BBC Design takes advantage of the product's hundreds of 4D DWF circular holes which work like regulating valves for cold and warm air and body moisture to interact in and out of the holes. It creates a breathable, comfortable and non-stuffy sleep environment.  BBC Design is applied in Wellcare's heating products, such as electric blankets, heating cushion, foot warmer.
BBC Design follows
core body temperature
at nights
Generally, our core body temperature fluctuates throughout the day. As it is higher during the day, it decreases at night to prepare our body for sleep while distal skin temperature (hand & feet) raises. BBC Design allows the blanket temperature to adjust accordingly to our body temperature fluctuation at night to provide the most adequate warmth and reduce stuffiness during sleep.  It brings you the intrinsic joy that can only be understood when you personally experience it.
How BBC Design works
During sleep onset, Wellcare's BBC Design electric blanket helps you fall asleep easier by providing warmth for the distal skin temperature to raise quicker and reducing the difference between the core body and distal skin temperatures.
BBC Design
Products with BBC design may induce drawsiness and the soft-to-touch brings you comfort and joy.  As we fall asleep, our heartbeat slows down and blood pressure lowers; and there's only a minimum level of heat needed to maintain the body function. Wellcare's BBC Design blankets are designed to provide appropriate temperature because any unnecessary heat may lead to stuffiness in bed, interrupted sleep, and poor sleep quality without you knowing it.
Enjoy your sleep
in a natural way
Sleeping is the basic and natural way to get rid of tiredness, repair and grow tissues, feel refreshed and restore energy for another day. Wellcare's innovative BBC (Best Bed Climate) Design offers a better solution to end stuffiness or dry heat that are often generated by conventional electric blankets.  BBC Design is a natural method for people who are always busy with tense body, or those who are too cold to fall asleep at night. With this, they can take better care of themselves and enjoy pleasant sleep every night!