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Cell Heating Pad


A cell is the basic functional building block for every living creature. When the cell is infused with energy, regardless of humans or plants, life thrives. Drawing the idea from breathing, the Wellcare Cell heating pad mimics the shape of the cell to demonstrate the concept of the cell building block. It symbolizes that everyone needs to slow down, takes deep breaths, and take care of themselves.

By turning the heating pad on, you are immersed in dynamic warmth flow. Not only does your body harmonize with the flow, but feels relaxed because your cells are well rested and recharged. It brings a sense of joy and fulfillment being with yourself.



Soothing Heating Pad


All revolutionary creation comes from a simple belief, care around you. Love and care form a cycle that is filled with positive energy. Only with warmth and happiness, can love flow and flourish.

With more than 260 strands of warmth flow, you are wrapped in the gentlest and most comfortable warmth possible. It can be used not only on your lower back, but on lower abdomen and other parts where the warmth is needed. This multi-functioned heating pad provides the ultimate comfort and relaxation you desire.

With the 4D DWF innovation, when the product is in use, it delivers dynamic warmth and surrounds you with several hundreds of strands of warmth. You can feel tiredness leaving your body instantly. With this innovative technology and meticulously selected material, this product brings you the ultimate relaxation.