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Cuscino termico comfort


There is no place like home. Home is the shelter, the energy source, and the most important place in the world. It has your personal touch and it is the place where you may decorate any way you feel most comfortable.

Wellcare heating cushion is the magic you need to light up a room. It is ergonomically designed and built specifically for lower back support, and can also be used on various areas of the body such as shoulders, lower abdomen to stimulate better circulation in these areas, improve the sense of well-being and provide better support to the body. Moreover, it is also multifunctional that it becomes a heating pad when you remove the inner pillow!.

With the 4D DWF innovation, when the product is in use, it delivers dynamic warmth and surrounds you with several hundreds of strands of warmth. You can feel tiredness leaving your body instantly. With this innovative technology and meticulously selected material, this product brings you the ultimate relaxation.